Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The one thing I miss the most...

hanging out wit my girlfriends!!!! especially the kind that shop and drink and dance till they drop. hahaha! here's a shout out to celine, mic and ina who all had fun clubbing their hearts out in frisco some weeks ago. love you girlies! i'm so sorry i couldn't be there.

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My girls in d' club ;)

P.S. of course this isn't to say that i don't miss my other girlfriends just as much, especially the eliteans. hehe, just couldn't find a pic where you girls are all in it haha.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Rants + Tony Roma's + A more shallow cosmetic rant (pics to follow)

Hello everyone, how are all of you? I just wanted to make a quick entry as I'm already feeling sad for the lack of time to make entries the past two weeks. Things have been so hectic after the holidays (holy week) in the hospital and there are days that I already am at my wit's end. *sigh* It's fun but also very draining... and indeed a roller coaster ride of emotions, gossips and mini fights. hahaha. I was telling my bestfriend t the other day about it and she shriekingly exclaimed, "omg, it's like gray's anatomy!". Well, maybe so but then again I have never seen an episode of the series at all.. *loser alert?* hehe. Anyway, I am here right now at the doctor's callroom and will attempt to make an entry despite the very short break I have. :)

Last night I was pre-duty and went with bf's family to eat at tony roma's in glorietta where I got a regular slab of baby back ribs, whilst bf got a full slab! hahaha. I also ate cheesecake afterwards. it was so good, especially since I haven't been eating a lot of yummy food lately...

On a more shallow note, I felt so sad yesterday because my favorite shiseido powder which I got from causeway bay in HK cracked when I dropped the compact whilst I was fixing my stuff. :( I asked around shiseido in manila and unforch, they don't have the same kind of powder yet. It's the maquillage powder foundation with metallic pink compact and I effing need a refill! X/ Good thing though that my angel, tita d will be going to singapore next week and will check if they have it available there. My gosh, I didn't know manila could be so delayed in getting product launches until a good friend told me that it took maybelline a one year delay before launching the popular dream mousse foundation here. Weird huh? Anyone here from singapore? I'm really hoping they have it there! :)

I'm being called now to do something at the 5th floor. *siiiigh* wish I could write some more. But I'd like to take this chance to thank everyone who has been sending comments and telling me they miss me and my blog. Thanks guys!!! *big hug* You have no idea how much you brighten my day everytime I get a line. Hope you don't give up on this little blog anytime soon. Till the next entry...


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Thursday, April 05, 2007

12 hours + 36 hours +12 hours since forever

Hi everyone! Haven't blogged in just a couple of days but it actually seems like I haven't blogged since forever! Must be because so much has happened to me both in the literal and metaphorical sense. I just learned countless valuable things in the hospital the past few days and went through experiences that I, perhaps, will look back on a couple of years from now and smile whilst remembering them. (yes friends this is me, hehehe). Well, I still think that medical clerkship is exhausting and at times a little less enjoyable than shopping or travelling *nods* but being there in actuality I've been finding it interesting, fun, and more rewarding in so many ways! Thanks to the people in my team, I remembered the reason why I've been staying in medschool these past three years. hahaha!

Anyhow, let's stop that before everyone starts snoring (including me hehe). I am at home because it's a holiday and those who aren't on duty for 36 hours were not required to time in today (woohoo!). I have never been so thankful for a day's rest more than I am right now! Although I don't have much to blog about, let me share a couple of things I did before the (once) dreaded april 1. hahaha!

Day before clerkship, as if preparing for war, I bought some stuff at Rustan's (a nice department store in manila) to "arm myself". *grins*

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Cutesy weapons of war(d). XD

I bought myself new oakley eyeglasses (square wire 2.0) with polarized lenses, small oakley vault case to match and 2 new lesportsac bags for my rounds. hehe.

Oh and I also ate out at In.Yo in loyola heights and friday's. :) But I haven't uploaded pics coz they are in bf's phone. Here is what I wore though:

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Houndstooth mini dress from wetseal, electric blue patent flats from hongkong, and owl clutch by paul & joe for target.

I would love to stay and chat some more but I need to do some paperwork before I get carried away here. *sigh* hope everyone has a nice week though!

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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Congrats Drew!

I haven't had much sleep but I just had to make an entry and congratulate drew today! He graduated from ateneo high school with a silver medal (second honors), a kostka award and another award for being part of the athletics council. :) He has made me immensely proud and has been an inalienable part of my life eversince he was born.

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To Drew, you know that I've always wanted the best for you but instead it is you who managed to become the best little brother a sister could ever ask for. You and Rob make up my two wings!

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Me with my two baby brothers who are both the best in their own special ways and (just a little trivia) btw, are only effing nine months apart in age. :D

Shit, shit, shit. I can't believe how old I'm getting! hehe.